Ant Wars

Follow the story of a tiny, just 2mm-in-size invader on it's rise to power - the Argentine Ants in southern Europe. Undiscovered from most eyes this species has formed the biggest predator on earth.

Director: Stefan Geier

Stefan Geier studied mathematics and physics. After an 18-month traineeship at Bavarian Broadcasting BR, he has been working as a freelance scientific journalist in the science editorial departments for both radio and television at ARD and ORF since 2006. He has received several national and international journalist and film awards, among them third prize at the Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival 2010 in the category Best Science Film. His entry "Tracking Their Silent Voices" was one of three finalists in the category Best Marine Science at the American Blue Ocean Film Festival. "Krieg der Ameisen" (i.e. Ant Wars) was produced in 2012 and will be aired on the Franco-German TV channel ARTE on September 6th.

52 Min.
Director: Stefan Geier
Script: Stefan Geier
Cinematography: Benedikt Preisinger, Daniel Delbeck
Editing: Tanja Richter
Music: Lars Kurz
Narrator: Christoph Jablonka
Editor: Christine Peters, Daniel Schwenk
Nominations: Best ecological Film 2012,
Heinz Sielmann Film Award 2012