Big Pacific

In this groundbreaking series 5 part documentary series, the world’s best cinematographers and researchers have captured the Pacific’s most guarded secrets to share with viewers everywhere. Big Pacific illustrates the multi-faceted character of the vast Pacific, with each episode focusing on a different characteristic of life in the Pacific Ocean, from the passionate and mysterious to the violent and voracious.

Director: John Cullum

Director: Craig Meade

Director: Andrew Murray

New Zealand United States
53 Min.
Director: John Cullum, Craig Meade, Andrew Murray
Cinematography: Scott Mouat
Editing: Sara Kaltz
Music: Tom Fox & Marshall Smith
Narrator: Daniel Dae Kim & Dan Nachtrab
Producer: Co-produced by NHNZ, PBS and CCTV9 with ZDF Enterprises, ZDF, Discovery International, Channel 9 and ARTE
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