Come on Turtle

This documentary aims to show the largest breeding and release event in the history of Guangdong Huidong Sea Turtle National Nature Reserve, the only sea turtle national nature reserve on the Asian continental shelf. It tells the moving story of the “sea turtle nanny” Li Manwen and other staff members of the sea turtle nature reserve, who carefully feed and care for endangered sea turtles and open up a safe and green migration channel for their safe and smooth release.


Director: Qianzhang Chen

Chen Qianzhang, a senior documentary director of Guangdong Radio and television station and the stationmaster of Huizhou reporter station, won the title of excellent photographer in 2017 Shanghai TV Festival. Person in charge of the coordination of the "Guangdong day" activities of the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival. Executive director of beautiful Xijiang. Executive director of the first historical experience documentary film "Thirteen elements" in China.It has been engaged for 20 years and won more than 100 international, national and provincial awards.

Director: Jie Lu

Lu Jie, a GDTV director, has been engaged in the media industry for 11 years. He has joined several sessions of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Micro Film and Television Cultural Exchange Week, and created such documentary works as Come on Turtle, The Journey of A Sea Turtle, If Sea Turtles Could Talk and Water School Bus for Kids on the Sea Island. Come on Turtle won the Good Short Film Award of the 28th Chinese Documentary Festival and The Journey of A Sea Turtle won the third prize of the 2021 Guangdong Radio, Film and Television Award.

Director: Churu Lian

25 Min.
Chinese (Simplified)
SUB: English
Director: Qianzhang Chen, Jie Lu, Churu Lian
Script: Jie Lu
Cinematography: Jiawei Li,Jie Lu,Kai Xiao,WeiZhang,Xiaojie Kang
Editing: Jie Lu,Kai Xiao
Music: Xuan Zhou
Narrator: Lin Li,Yanzi Yan
Producer: Huizhou Reporter Station, Guangdong Radio and Television Station