Costa Rica : the Sea, the Last Challenge

So far Costa Rica has been focusing on the conservation of its land surface. But nowadays the biggest challenge is the country’s maritime area – ten times larger than its land surface with only a minute protected portion. Attracted by Costa Rica’s mild temperatures thousands of species – humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles – come here to mate and give birth. But their journeys to reach the coast have become more and more dangerous.

Director: Luis Miranda

Luis has been directing films since 1993. His first documentary, My Images of Sarajevo, was screened by ARTE in 1994. Since then, he is the director of more than twenty documentary films broadcasted by Fance Télévisions, ARTE, Canal +, RAI, TV Cultura Brasil, Histoire, Planète, TV5 Monde, among others. Co-founder of BambooDoc, Luis develops within the company his next films on themes related to environmental issues, archaeology and geopolitics.

52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Luis Miranda
Script: Luis Miranda, Sarah Miranda
Cinematography: Filipe DeAndrade, Brian Moghari, Alonso Sánchez
Editing: Florence Jacquet
Music: Tom Baxter
Narrator: Millané Kang
Editor: ARTE
Producer: BambooDoc
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