Crocodiles - Caring Killers

Since the time of the dinosaurs, crocodiles have inhabited the earth. Modern slow-motion with over 2000 images per minute uncover the astounding hunting strategies of these carnivorous reptiles. But suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted. For three months, the dedicated mothers must defend their clutches against egg thieves until the young crocodiles hatch. Unique insights into undiscovered behaviour and spectacular slow motion form an affectionate portrait of the ancient saurians.

Director: Reinhard Radke

Reinhard Radke, born in 1948, studied electrical engineering and biology and obtained his doctorate in the field of behavioural biology and ecology in 1990. After many years as chief editor at ZDF, Radke returned to concentrate on work as a freelance wildlife filmmaker, setting his focus on East Africa. His work yielded 28 television productions for ZDF, NDR, BBC and other broadcasters, numerous articles as well as three books. His documentary feature film "Serengeti" appeared in German cinemas in 2011.

43 Min.
Director: Reinhard Radke
Script: Reinhard Radke
Cinematography: Reinhard Radke, Ivo Nörenberg, Oliver Goetzl
Editing: Klaus Müller
Music: Martin Lingnau, Ingmar Süberkrüb
Narrator: Clemens Gerhard
Editor: Wolf Lengwenus (NDR), Heide Thieme (NDR/ARTE)
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