Das Wesen der Wale

Encounters with orcas and humpback, grey and sperm whales allow insights into their mysterious lives. At the end of his journey Rick Rosenthal is certain: There is still so much to discover about the nature of whales.


Director: Rick Rosenthal

"Rick Rosenthal is a four-time Emmy, and BAFTA award-winning filmmaker, recognized for his cinematography of ocean wildlife. He was a trail-blazer filming in the open ocean – the waters far from land and thousands of feet deep. Over the years, Rick has filmed some of the most challenging marine wildlife subjects on our planet. Among his achievements are three award-winning programs on the great whales – Riddle of the Right Whale, Humpback Whales and Sperm Whales Back From the Abyss for BBC. His latest work is WHALE WISDOM, produced by Wild Logic, for Terra Mater.

50 Min.
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Script: Mark Fletcher, Katya Shirokow
Cinematography: Mark Romanov, Rick Rosenthal, Erick Higuera, Tom Piozet, Dan Evans
Editing: Christian Stoppacher
Music: Oliver Heuss
Narrator: Bernd Birkhahn, Peter Faerber, Angelika Lang
Producer: Terra Mater Factual Studios in Koproduktion mit DOCLIGHTS/ NDR NATURFILM in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE FRANCE/ Unité Découverte et Connaissance hergestellt von WILD LOGIC
Awards: Best Marine Film 2019
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2019