De nieuwe Wildernis

In one of the most densely populated countries in the world a nature reserve of international standing has developed: the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. Here, nature sets the pace. sets the pace. For two years, several film crews have been tracking foxes, geese, kingfishers, deer and the largest herd of wild horses in Europe. The result is a nature film the likes of which has never been seen before in the Netherlands. Expressive Konik horses throw their foals between the calves of majestic red deer and Heck cattle.

The film by Mark Verkerk and Ruben Smit is a nature spectacle for the entire family and has has left a lasting mark on the nature film industry in the Netherlands. In the the film will be shown once again exclusively on the big screen. 


Director: Ruben Smit

Director: Mark Verkerk

97 Min.
Director: Ruben Smit, Mark Verkerk
Script: Mark Verkerk
Cinematography: Ruben Smit, Michael Sanderson
Editing: Niels Roza
Music: Bob Zimmermann
Narrator: Hannes Jaenicke
Producer: Ton Okkerse, Ignas van Schaick