The team around Plant for Future and the Rostock artist Marteria traveled to the Amazon. In search of pristine nature and on a mission to protect those forests, they produced an exciting and visually stunning documentary. All proceeds thereof go to the organization Plant for Future. Their goal is to buy acres of rainforest land and save species such as dart-poison frogs.


Director: Chris Schwarz

Chris Schwarz is a German filmmaker, director & photographer who has been producing content for the German music and advertising industry since 2016.
He started working for Berlin-based advertising agency DOJO GmbH for clients such as Smirnoff and Adidas, and within a very short time moved on to independent projects for German music festivals and events as well as international music artists.
Discovered by photographer Paul Ripke in early 2017, Chris Schwarz took on some of his German clients like the band Die Toten Hosen and rapper Marteria in the following year.
Many productions of music videos, advertising projects, livestreams and documentaries followed, also the first TV spot.
On a large part of the projects Chris is involved as executive producer, director, cinematographer, editor & colorist, supported by a changing young team of other filmmakers & allrounders.
In addition to video production, Chris sold first own merchandise and wines in 2021.
Chris supports the charity Viva con Agua e.V. through video projects and photography.

Christopher Schwarz was born in 1997 into a family of musicians and grew up in Strasbourg and Frankfurt am Main.
Skateboarding sparked his interest in filming in his early youth. When Chris moved to Berlin at the age of 18 to begin his studies in electrical engineering here, the self-taught filmmaker quickly gained a foothold in film production.

Peru Germany
40 Min.
Director: Chris Schwarz
Script: Chris Schwarz, Marten Laciny, Oliver Nemec
Cinematography: Chris Schwarz
Editing: Chris Schwarz
Music: Henrik Miko, Sirius Mo
Narrator: Marten Laciny
Producer: COAL Films GmbH
Website URL: