Der Kolibri-Effekt

"Pura Vida" - "Pure life", is a motto in Costa Rica. It stands for what makes this small Central American country so special. Costa Rica is barely larger than Lower Saxony, but its abundance of fauna and flora, its diversity of life is overwhelming. And as small as they may be, one group of creatures contributes in a special way to the rich flora and fauna: Hummingbirds. More than 50 different species live in Costa Rica alone.


Director: Filipe DeAndrade

Director: Doug Shultz

Director: Ann Johnson Prum

As the Founder, Producer & Cinematographer of Coneflower Studios, Ann Johnson Prum has created nonfiction programs using a combination of beautiful imagery, fascinating science and great storytelling for the past two decades. Garnering 10 Emmy nominations and an Emmy win for Best Nature Documentary (An Original Duckumentary) Coneflower’s recent shows include Magic in The Air , Animal Homes (3 Part series) and - SUPER HUMMINGBIRDS released In October 2016 on PBS Nature. Ann is currently in prof=duction on Sex, Lies and Butterflies for Terra Mater Studios.

50 Min.
Director: Filipe DeAndrade, Doug Shultz, Ann Johnson Prum
Script: Doug Shultz
Cinematography: Filipe DeAndrade, Ann Johnson Prum, Doug Shultz
Editing: Jim Isler
Music: David Mitcham
Narrator: Mercedes Echerer
Editor: EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Fred Kaufman, Janet Hess, Bill Murphy, Ivo Filatsch, Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Koproduktion von TERRA MATER STUDIOS und THE WNET GROUP in Zusammenarbeit mit PBS und CPB hergestellt von CONEFLOWER PRODUCTIONS
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