Die Nordreportage: Der Moorbauer vom Kummerower See

Ein Landwirt will das Klima retten

A farmer, of all people, saves the bogs. Water logging is the name of the challenge that Henning Voigt has taken on in the second generation. At Lake Kummerow, the 28-year-old farmer harvests what grows on wet marshlands: cattails, thatch, marsh grasses. And he uses it as heating material. The bog farmer is doing pioneering work and hopes that sustainable farming in harmony with nature will not be a losing proposition.

This film is shown in double feature 4.


Director: Cornelia Helms

29 Min.
Director: Cornelia Helms
Script: Cornelia Helms
Cinematography: Jan Hensel
Editing: Roland Possehl
Music: Diverse
Narrator: Anja Umland
Editor: Christina Walther, NDR
Producer: Populär Film Media