Die Pelikan-Insel – Geheimnis in Russlands Steppe

A very special island lies in the Southern Russian steppe. Every year, the small island in the middle of the Manych reservoir attracts up to 2,000 breeding pairs of Eastern white pelicans, one of the largest colonies in Europe. What attracts the birds to this area, of all places? The filmmakers have been on the trail of this mystery for two years resulting in unique footage of the animals' behaviour.


Director: Nadya Dorofeeva

Nadja Dorofeeva is a professional biologist: she graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University and in 2015 defended her Ph.D. thesis. She took part in multiple international scientific conferences, expeditions, educational programs, wrote many scientific and popular science articles. Since 2010 Nadja has participated in more than 15 factual film productions as a scriptwriter, director, camerawoman, and actress. These films focus on wildlife, animal behavior, scientific research, and people who study and conserve the environment. She is a member of EURASF (European Academy of Science Film) and the head of «Monticola Films» – a creative group of wildlife filmmakers.

Director: Annette Gourdon

After working as a journalist in the print media to finance her studies, Annette Gourdon started in the audiovisual industry as a creative producer of documentaries 25 years ago in Munich. In 2006, she founded Alisa Productions near Paris. Science, history and wildlife are genres in which she has experienced international partnerships. Annette works at all stages, from the development until the post-production. In some documentary films and series, which have been broadcast in several countries, she is involved as a director and/or an author. She is a member of the SCAM (French Society of multimedia authors) since 2006. She is also a member of AST (Association science & television, Paris) and EURASF (European Academy of Science Films).

Germany Russia
52 Min.
Director: Nadya Dorofeeva, Annette Gourdon
Script: Nadya Dorofeeva, Annette Gourdon
Cinematography: Michail Rodionov, Oleg Kugaev, Sergej Zichanowitsch
Editing: Marc Schubert
Music: Olivier Lafuma
Producer: Längengrad Filmproduktion GmbH