Die Waldretter - Kampf gegen Ignoranz

Kampf gegen Ignoranz

Nature itself knows what it does best - this is the thesis of the foresters in the Lübeck Stadt-forst. For this reason, they stopped managing 10 percent of their forest areas in 1992 and left the forest to its own devices. Together with the University of Kiel, they are now investigating how the forest develops when humans do not intervene. The aim: to design the commercial forest in such a way that it is as similar as possible to the natural forest.

This film is part of double feature 5.


Director: Vivien Pieper

born 1982 in Oldenburg; studied Applied Cultural Studies in Lüneburg and Breslau; during her studies she trained as a journalist at the Institute for the Promotion of Young Journalists (IFP) in Munich; freelance author since 2006.

Director: Johannes Bünger

born 1977 in Greven; studied Environmental Sciences in Lüneburg and Rouen, project studies Sustainable Film View in Berlin; from 2004 to 2007 trainee and editor at fechnerMEDIA in Immendingen; since 2007 freelance author.

26 Min.
Director: Vivien Pieper, Johannes Bünger
Script: Vivien Pieper, Johannes Bünger
Cinematography: André Krüger, Dunja Engelbrecht
Editing: Sören Schlotfeldt
Editor: Barbara Schmitz (WDR)
Producer: Martina Sprengel (doc.station GmbH)