Dirty Waters

Algae blooms and dead sea beds - the Baltic Sea is suffering. Enormous new animal farms are an increasing threat. This is the dirty truth about the future of the Baltic Sea.


Director: Folke Rydén

Folke Rydén has won numerous international awards as a reporter
producer and director. His documentaries have been aired around
the world.
Folke Rydén was born in 1958 in Uppsala, Sweden. With an MA in journalism from the University of Stockholm, he began working for Swedish national television in 1982.
After a decade as a foreign correspondent including 7 years in the USA he is now based in Stockholm Sweden.
In 1995 Folke Rydén founded FRP AB, an independent production company producing film & television for the international market in current affairs, social issues, human rights, history, politics, science, environmental issues and sports. Productions have been aired by more than 40 broadcasters, shown in over 30 countries and have garnered dozens of international awards.
In 1993, Folke Rydén was honored with the Bonnier Grand Prize in Journalism - Sweden's foremost award for excellence in journalism. The company is currently involved in documentaries, cinema releases and television series.
On a non- profit basis, FRP supports young and creative talent by acting as the executive producer for a range of different film and television projects. Folke Rydén is as well a popular lecturer, public speaker and moderator. In his characteristic way Folke Rydén inspires any audience with talks about a rapidly changing world from his own perspective as a reporter and filmmaker. Folke Rydén is furthermore a five time national skydiving champion.

Director: Ulrika Björksten

52 Min.
Director: Folke Rydén, Ulrika Björksten
Script: Folke Ryden, Ulrika Björksten
Cinematography: Kristjan Sigurjonsson, Mats Lund, Armin Mück
Editing: Folke Ryden, Enno Ladwig
Music: Epedemic Sound
Narrator: Tim Earl
Editor: Johan Brånstad