Elephant King

This is the story of a unique band of African elephants that relies on a waterhole for survival during one of the driest winters on record in Namibia’s Etosha National Park.


Director: Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas, an award-winning documentary producer, directs everything from multi-camera outside broadcasts to blue-chip specials and magazine series, winning critical acclaim from the public, scientific and media press. In 2010 he won RTS and BAFTA Awards for Channel 4’s ‘Inside Natures Giants’. In 2012 he won best 3D documentary from the International 3D society for ‘Secret Life of the Rainforest’. In 2012, he spent 6-weeks camping by a waterhole in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, documenting the day-to-day politics of the pachyderm world in ‘The Elephant King’.

53 Min.
Director: Julian Thomas
Script: Julian Thomas
Cinematography: Warren Samuels
Editing: Steve White
Music: Guy Michelmore
Narrator: Otto Clemens, Angelika Lang
Website URL: www.terramater.at