Fall in love with fireflies

This is a story about the yellow-margined firefly and an 88-year-old farmer in the terraces of northern Taiwan. This story is a living example of man and nature in harmony.


Director: Chang Po-Chun

It has been 20 years for me in doing research on firefly. To a memorial in my love: firefly. What I feel is that the natural environment has been changed these years. There are too many human impacts on their living place. (For instance, the light flashing and road construction) makes them leave away. Plus the wetland is in a merge of extinction because of lace of farmers. This is the key dilemma of Taiwan water living firefly. So I ask people to help them, therefore the film has been made.

50 Min.
Director: Chang Po-Chun
Script: Chang Po-Chun
Cinematography: Chang Po-Chun
Editing: Pan Suai-hshun
Music: Lee Yi-tsang
Narrator: English by Matthew Lien
Editor: Chang Po-chun , Chen Yi-chien , Chung wen-chuan
Nominations: Best Sounddesign 2012