Gegen Gift

Apfelstreit in Südtirol

Natural idyll South Tyrol. Not so for the citizens of Mals. They are mobilizing and want to live toxin-free. Their opponents are the apple growers in the region. They continue to use pesticides. These drift far into the surrounding areas. Everything is under control, say the apple growers - and, together with the South Tyrolean government, they are not afraid to take any critic to court for defamation. The dispute is now causing ripples throughout Europe. Much to the dismay of South Tyrolean tourism managers.

This film is shown in double feature 4.


Director: Berndt Welz

Berndt Welz has been producing documentaries worldwide for many years. His focus is on critical and also investigative environmental, climate, agricultural and nature topics. Berndt Welz studied economics in Munich, attended the Burda School of Journalism and worked as a trainee at the Münchner Abendzeitung. He was a member of the editorial team at ProSieben (knowledge formats), deputy editorial director at Süddeutsche TV, chief reporter at Focus TV and editorial director of Wunderwelt Wissen (ProSieben). Since 2011 at the latest, however, he has devoted himself entirely to documentaries, his great passion.

Germany Italy
29 Min.
Director: Berndt Welz
Script: Berndt Welz
Cinematography: Moritz Frisch, Jonas Schmailzl, Thomas Bresinsky, Dominik Spritzendorfer
Editing: Philipp Güttinger
Music: Diverse
Narrator: Oliver Schmitz
Editor: Ralf Bonsels ZDF
Producer: Patrick Lange, Johannes Kaltenhauser (DokUtopia Film)
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