Geheimnisvolles Tschechien - Ein Land wie im Märchen

The Czech Republic conveys an unmistakable and almost mystical romanticism. Nature in this arcane country is whimsical and quaint. In this idyllic landscape, bears take care of their offspring, black storks breed and live alongside dormice, Ural owls, foxes and wolves. All this between ancient castles and picturesque buildings that recall a turbulent past. No wonder the Czech Republic is called the "land of fairy tales".

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Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger

Michael has been the Director of Photography as well as the Producer and Director for many international award winning blue-chip natural history documentaries, as well as producing AV and multi-screen shows for a variety of venues, including Museums and National Parks Centres. Michael is a qualified open water diver, and since 2006 holds a pilot's license. In 2008 Michael was awarded Austrian Television's ROMY award in the category of best cinematography for ORF UNIVERSUM's documentary "Ol' Man River - The Mighty Mississippi". Michael has developed a unique style, both with his cinematography and his productions, a style which is now recognized as having the quality seal of a ScienceVision production.

52 Min.
Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger
Script: Michael Schlamberger
Cinematography: Michael Schlamberger, Jiri Petr
Editing: Omer Sacic
Music: Alexander Bresgen
Narrator: Edita Malovcic
Producer: ScienceVision Filmproduktions GmbH
Awards: sh:z Audience Award 2023
Nominations: sh:z Audience Award 2023
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