Green Ideas

Did you know that cows produce methane gas? The green survirors with the help of a team of supersonic scientists think up ways to solve this and other global warning problems.


Director: Penny Evans

Penny Evans has been working in Knowle West Media Centre for almost 15 years engaging community in media practice and raising the image of the Knwole West. Please see the full filmography ettached.

United Kingdom
4 Min.
Director: Penny Evans
Script: Digital Fish – Film Club for 13–17 years old
Cinematography: Connor Henning, Mike Skyrme, Michael Summers
Music: Mike Skyrme, Charlotte Coombs, Michael Summers, Michael Smith, Connor & Leighton Henning, Emily Nicholson
Editor: Tom Stubbs, Jeff Winterhart (Mentors)
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2009
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