Island zwischen Massentourismus und Einsamkeit

Iceland profits greatly from tourism. But many Icelanders are paying a high price for it. The homeland of thousands of people is changing drastically. Nature is being destroyed and the otherwise idyllic and lonely regions are being overrun by thousands of tourists. Three young filmmakers from Schleswig-Holstein take a detailed look at the pros and cons of tourism on the ground, interviewing experts and locals who experience the sunny and dark sides.

Director: Carlos Viering

Director: Tom Köhn

88 Min.
Director: Carlos Viering, Tom Köhn
Cinematography: 1. Kamera: Carlos Viering, Tom Köhn; 2. Kamera: Niklas Christensen
Editing: Carlos Viering
Music: Jan Heymel
Narrator: Olaf Brinkmann, Julia Meyer, Ole Jakobsen, Janina Greve
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