Im Maschinenraum der Klimapolitik

Storms, drought, heat, heavy rain: Climate change and its consequences are also being clearly felt in our latitudes. Global warming of 1.5 degrees could occur as early as 2030. Have climate summits and numerous declarations of intent so far been able to change anything? Insiders from politics, business and society report on how economic interests, political ideologies and social inertia are preventing the world from being saved.

Director: Lena Müller

Director: Alexander Ebert

52 Min.
Director: Lena Müller, Alexander Ebert
Script: Lena Müller und Alexander Ebert
Cinematography: Ines Thomsen, Tatjana Krstevski, Phil Caller
Editing: Karl-Heinz Satzger, Dragan Petrovic
Music: Novak Askovic
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger, Martin Pieper - ARTE
Producer: a & o büro