Im Reich des Regenwurms

der Boden unter unseren Füßen

How is soil created? What does it do for us? And why is it in danger? For a long time, society has paid little attention to the ground on which we walk, in which our plants grow, which literally feeds us. Time to take an intense look at and below the surface. This film accompanies an earthworm through its subterranean life cycle, resurfaces again and again and features scientists whose projects are dedicated to the protection of the soil.


Director: Anna Pflüger

Anna Pflüger is a writer, director and creative producer based in Mainz, Germany. After working as a producer for the docudrama series "Terra X" she started her own business as a writer and director in 2013. Since then she has produced documentaries on various topics for ZDF, ARTE , SWR and ARD. Among others, the art documentary "Stunde Null - die Kunstbewegung ZERO" (arte), the science documentary "Lawinen - die unterschätzte Gefahr" (arte, ZDF planet.e) and various true crime formats such as the science series "Auf der Spur des Verbrechens - Forensiker im Einsatz" (ZDFinfo).

52 Min.
Director: Anna Pflüger
Script: Anna Pflüger
Cinematography: Matthias Knebl, Ricardo Garzon Mesa, Philipp Klein, René Schröter, Dunja Engelbrecht, Sascha Heyden
Editing: Imanuel Spiegel
Narrator: Katja Straub
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ARTE)
Producer: Wolfram Giese (k22film)
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