in the life of a reindeer herder

In the snow-covered north of Finland lives Juha Virkkunen with his wife and dog. His family has been herding reindeer since the 1850s, but even though he has two sons, he might be the last. The climate change is threatening his busines.

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Director: Arne Kasten

Born in 1994 in Velbert, Arne Kasten wanted to make films as a child. After his award-winning fictional short film "SHATTERED", an exchange year during which he studied filmmaking at the Northern Film School in Leeds, England, and worked as two assistant directors on a feature, he is currently doing his Masters in Audiovisual Media in Stuttgart. With "Juha - in the life of a reindeer herder" he wants to portray a person who lives in our neighbourhood and has to cope with the effects of climate change.

Germany Finland
35 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Arne Kasten
Cinematography: Matvey Fridmann, Ines Eismann
Editing: Clarissa Danner
Music: Florian Kontny
Producer: Khascha Mahdavi, Niclas Scheiblich, Katja Schmid (Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart), Karoliina Niemelä (Oulu University of Applied Sciences)
Nominations: Best Newcomer 2020
Website URL: www.portraitofchange.com