Kadoua und die Elefanten

In Burkina Faso, Kadoua Yogo hopes for a better future for her family. Her home is also that of the great gray landscapers. Together, humans and elephants make the most of a last patch of wilderness where treasures grow on the branches. These precious shea fruits could permanently change everyone's lives. As long as they thrive here. This is what a strong women's group, an enterprising soapmaker, rangers, and French conservationist Olivier Behra are working for.

Director: Ben Wolter

Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger

Michael has been the Director of Photography as well as the Producer and Director for many international award winning blue-chip natural history documentaries, as well as producing AV and multi-screen shows for a variety of venues, including Museums and National Parks Centres. Michael is a qualified open water diver, and since 2006 holds a pilot's license. In 2008 Michael was awarded Austrian Television's ROMY award in the category of best cinematography for ORF UNIVERSUM's documentary "Ol' Man River - The Mighty Mississippi". Michael has developed a unique style, both with his cinematography and his productions, a style which is now recognized as having the quality seal of a ScienceVision production.

Germany Burkina Faso
52 Min.
Director: Ben Wolter, Dr. Michael Schlamberger
Script: Ben Wolter
Cinematography: Michael Schlamberger
Editing: Christoph Heimerl, Omer Sacic
Music: Carlos Rodrigu z Rodrigu z
Narrator: Yvon Jansen
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF)
Producer: Katharina Krohmann (ZDF), Johann Lang (Text und Bild Medienproduktion), Rita Schlamberger (ScienceVision)
Website URL: www.textundbild.de