Kaktus Hotel

In the Southwestern US, an imposing figure rises into the sky. Unmissable - and at first sight devoid of life. But if you look closely, the icon of the Sonoran Desert is full of life. For centuries, a large saguaro cactus has attracted a multitude of wild guests. From the roots in the basement up to the rooftop bar, this somewhat different nature documentary tells exciting stories about a really old "cactus hotel".


Director: Yann Sochaczewski

Yann Sochaczewski is French and was born in 1984 in Strassbourg. After his highschool diploma he worked for 2 years as camera assistant for Nautilus and from 2006 for Light & Shadow GmbH. From 2008 until 2010 he worked freelance as assistent producer and camera man. Since 2011 Yann is Producer and camera man at Altayfilm GmbH.

50 Min.
Director: Yann Sochaczewski
Script: Yann Sochaczewski
Cinematography: Marlen Hundertmark, Yann Sochaczewski, Mirco Tribanek, Boas Schwarz, Keith Brust
Editing: Mirco Tribanek
Music: Mirco Tribanek & Cézame Music
Narrator: Joscha Fischer-Antze
Editor: Klaus Kunde-Neimöth (WDR), Christian Cools (Arte)
Producer: Altayfilm GmbH
Awards: Best Story 2023,
GREEN SCREEN Nature Film Award 2023
Nominations: Best Story 2023,
Best Postproduction 2023
Website URL: www.altay.film