Kalahari, land of secret alliances

This unprecedented documentary dives into the mighty Kalahari desert to explore the extraordinary ecosystem that inhabits it, and witness a surprising phenomenon: Animal collaboration. Secret pacts, tacit alliances, determination and cooperation. Collaboration plays a major role in animal survival. Using the very latest camera technology this film reveals the fascinating story of how animals and plants use cooperation to survive in one of the most punishing places on Earth.



Director: Pierre Stine

A filmmaker passionate of travels, Pierre has traveled the world for almost 20 years to put in his pictures the secret wonders of our planet. Whether for a video, commercial, fiction or documentary of prestige, the motto is the same: « Begin from the beauty of the beings and the nature to tell simple stories that make dream and give hope ».

France Canada
97 Min.
Director: Pierre Stine
Script: Émilie Dumond-Edel & Patrick Morris
Cinematography: Jérôme Bouvier, Lucas Allain, Marc Rebuttini, Pierre Stine, Luke Barnett, Johan Horjus, Michael W Richards, Riaan Venter, Elmar Baumeister, Wim Vorster, Romain Guenard & Leonard Kigozi
Editing: Laurence Guzzo
Music: Mahaut Mondino & Nicolas Errèra
Narrator: Christina Batman
Producer: ZED, France télévisions, Blue Ant media, Love Nature
Website URL: https://www.zed.fr/en/tv/distribution/catalogue/programme/kalahari-land-of-secret-alliances