Kann das weg?

This anti-advertising spot addresses the extent of food waste and the global effects of our consumer behavior and deliberately aggravates them. Eating is an everyday cultural practice that illustrates our handling of scarce resources, but also carries a lot of potential for social change. The social spot is intended to humorously encourage viewers to rethink their appreciation of food and to take responsibility for their actions.

This film will be shown in the 2022 Short Film Program and the 2022 Short Film Program for Kids.


Director: Thomas Frick

*7. August 1962 in Rostock
1988 - 1996: Training as director at the film academy HFF
Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg
since 1992: freelance lecturer and media educational work (a.o.
Saxon Media Academy, Babelsberg Media Academy, Erasmus
International School, TV-Bildungswerk Dresden)
1998: foundation of Thomas Frick Filmproduktion
since 2007: active with Jugend denkt um.welt (http://www.youthinkgreen.org)

1 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Thomas Frick
Script: Thomas Frick und Sukuma Award
Cinematography: ravir film GbR
Editing: ravir film Gb
Music: divine-masquerad
Producer: Uwe Nadler
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2022,
Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2022
Website URL: https://www.sukuma-award.de