Kerkini, le sanctuaire des oiseaux

It has undergone many upheavals that have threatened the survival of birds from all over the world that come to take refuge there: today, the Greek lake of Kerkini is a protected area, considered as one of the largest European ornithological spots.

Director: Pierre Huguet

Pierre HUGUET, architect-urbanist, born in 1950, has been travelling all over the world to collect records for next generations since 1970. He has been making wildlife documentaries and educational books since 1981. In 2016 he and Philippe Lavaux produced a documentary about the Greek lake Kerkini to draw attention to the dangers facing the area.

43 Min.
Director: Pierre Huguet
Script: Pierre Huguet, Dominique Kugler
Cinematography: Pierre Huguet, Philippe Lavaux
Editing: Pierre Huguet, Stefan Richter
Music: Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Narrator: Audrey Vinel
Producer: Seppia
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