Kingdom of Fish - The River

The journey through Scandinavian waters starts in cold mountain creeks meandering through the breathtaking arctic landscape. The creeks gradually form large rivers as they flow toward the sea. But what happens to our ecosystems when the rivers' energy is captured and transferred to power cables? Kingdom of Fish: The River explores, not only the effects of hydropower, but also the power of people deciding to restore nature.

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Director: Martin Falklind

Director: Maria Ålander

Director: Björn Tjärnberg

Sweden Iceland
59 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Martin Falklind, Maria Ålander, Björn Tjärnberg
Script: Maria Ålander
Cinematography: Martin Falklind, Johan Falklind, Anders Lamberg, Atte Henriksson, Max Kujala, Björn Tjärnberg, Hans Berggren, Espen Rekdal, Rolf Nylinder, Tobias Dahlin
Editing: Björn Tjärnberg, Johan Falklind, Afshin Tahmoury
Music: Jan Lekemark, Mazdak Khosravi
Narrator: Martin Falklind, Michael Krass
Producer: Martin Falklind, Maria Ålander
Nominations: Nordic Nature Film Award 2023
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