Lions, Bones & Bullets

Penguin Random House author, Richard Peirce, leads the dramatic adventure from lion farms in South Africa to wildlife traffickers in Laos and Vietnam. He makes a shocking discovery that South African farmers are exporting thousands of dead lions to Asia for use in traditional medicine. The heart-warming tale of two lion cubs given a new life, along with positive approaches to wild lion conservation and a government intention to move away from lion farming resolves the film with positivity.

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Director: Anton Leach

Anton Leach travels the world, capturing character-driven, animal-based stories of transformation. From sea-turtles hatching in Greece to tiger rescues from Gaza. For the last 10 years, Anton has been directing and producing content in over 25 countries. His original footage has been broadcast by Amazon, National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Al Jazeera, WaterBear Network, ITV, ABC and ZDF. Anton is a company director at Clawed Hat Films in New Zealand and Jagged Peak Films in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom South Africa Vietnam Laos
73 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Anton Leach
Script: Jasmine Duthie
Cinematography: Anton Leach
Editing: Jasmine Duthie
Music: Robroy Music
Narrator: Peter Egan
Editor: Off the Fence
Producer: Jagged Peak Films
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2023
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