Mare TV - Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal is the short cut between the North- and Baltic Sea and the most frequented artificial water way in the world. Mare TV tells stories of big and small adventures between Kiel and Brunsbüttel. Canal stories from one lock to the next: exotic Chinese mitten crabs, the Lord of the Lamps on a canal cruise, romantic tango-evenings at the ship chandler, high-class Suffolk sheep and a real insiders' tip rich in vitamins for seafarers.

Director: Jan Hinrik Drevs

Jan Hinrik Drevs studied general rhetoric, Romance languages and literature and political sciences at the universities of Tübingen and Hamburg. While still studying, he already worked as a freelancer in the field of current news coverage at NDR and was awarded a scholarship from San Francisco State University for their masters programme "Broadcasting and Film", with a focus on directing.
After his studies, he worked as a director for live and studio productions at various broadcasting companies and in his work as an author, he developed programme concepts and screenplays.
Since 1998, Jan Hinrik Drevs has been working as a freelance author and director.
His directorial work since then includes many documentaries for TV and cinema. Some of them were award-winning, as for instance Herr Pilipenko und sein U-Boot (i.e. Mr. Pilipenko and his Submarine), which was performed successfully at various national and international festivals. Underdogs was his first feature film for cinema.

45 Min.
Director: Jan Hinrik Drevs
Script: Jan Hinrik Drevs
Cinematography: Jörg Hammermeier, Oliver Stammel
Editing: Maren Großmann, Pierre Brand
Music: Fa. Nonfictionplanet HH, Jens Fintelmann, Thomas Seekamp, Karsten Wohlrab
Narrator: Patrick Blank
Editor: Alexander von Sallwitz (NDR)
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