Mein Fußabdruck, das Klima und ich

Buy organic cucumber, but fly to Mallorca? Journalist Anna Marohn considers herself one of the environmentally conscious climate sinners and asks questions querying her own responsibility: No meat, no butter, no car and no plane trip South - and never shop again? Can that really save the planet? What makes a difference, what is merely greenwashing to appease one's conscience? A climate research.


Director: Anna Marohn

Anna Marohn, born in Hamburg in 1981, swore as a seven-year-old never to drive a car and later to save at least part of the world. Unfortunately, these noble plans did not stand up to a youth in the flat countryside. When Greenpeace refused to grant her a student internship despite pages of applications, she went to the children's news as a substitute - and became a journalist. After studying economics in Cologne and spending a year in China as a freelance journalist, she first worked as an economics editor at Die Zeit and later at NDR. Today, she works there mainly for regional and national news, with occasional foreign assignments. Her film about steakhouse founder Eugen Block won the Medienpreis Mittelstand.

52 Min.
Director: Anna Marohn
Script: Anna Marohn
Cinematography: Dennis Wienecke u.a.
Editing: Sören Schlotfeldt
Music: Nils Kacirek
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger
Producer: a & o Büro