Melken bis zum Ruin - Milchbauern vorm Abgrund

Annett Schoene has a difficult day ahead of her - because today the last cattle truck leaves the farm. The stables of the Hedersleben agricultural cooperative once housed 600 dairy cows. Now all of them have to be sold. The milk business is no longer viable. "The milk price stands at 31.5 cents, but the farm needs at least 38 cents," says their boss. Sven Voss reports on the German milk drama. What are the chances that farmers will finally be able to live off their milk again?

This film is shown in double feature 7.

Director: Christoph Peters

30 Min.
Director: Christoph Peters
Script: Christoph Peters
Cinematography: Jens Kleinert, Matthias Müller, Marc Voigt
Editing: Ferenc Stobäus
Music: divers
Narrator: Claudia Gräf
Editor: Ina-Katrin Hüttig (MDR)
Producer: Mitteldeutscher Volk
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