Modified is a food lover's journey into the complex world of genetically modified foods (GMOs). Shot over a span of ten years, the award-winning documentary follows the grassroots struggle to label GMOs in Canada and the United States, exposing the cozy relationship between the biotech industry and governments. The film's story is anchored in the filmmaker’s relationship to her mom, a prolific gardener, seed saver, and food activist who battled cancer while the film’s production was underway.

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Director: Aube Giroux

87 Min.
SUB: French
Director: Aube Giroux
Author: Aube Giroux
Camera: Aube Giroux
Editing: Aube Giroux
Music: Jacques Mindreau
Producer: Peas in a Pod Films (Aube Giroux)
Awards: Newcomer 2018
Nominations: Newcomer 2018
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