Okavango - River of Dreams: Inferno

This film presents the amazing landscape and wildlife of the Lower Okavango river in Southern Africa – and how these are intertwined and interacting.


Director: Dereck Joubert

52 Min.
Director: Dereck Joubert
Script: Dereck Joubert
Cinematography: Dereck Joubert, Taylor Turner
Editing: Melissa Parry
Music: JB Arthur, Sarah Class
Narrator: Otto Clemens
Editor: Ivo Filatsch, Sabine Holzer
Producer: Eine Produktion von TERRA MATER FACTUAL STUDIOS und WILDLIFE FILMS in Koproduktion mit THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS LLC DOCLIGHTS/NDR NATURFILM in Zusammenarbeit mit PBS CPB ARTE FRANCE/ Unité Découverte et Connaissance/ National Geographic Channels und SVT
Awards: Best Cinematography 2020
Nominations: Best Cinematography 2020
Website URL: https://www.terramater.at/productions/okavango-river-of-dreams/