Ol´Man River – Mächtiger Mississippi

Der Ol´Man River ist ein Fluss der Superlative. Sein Einzugsgebiet hat die Größe des indischen Subkontinents und mit seinem rund 3.800 Kilometer langen Lauf ist der Mississippi der drittlängste Strom der Erde. Seine Sümpfe und Bayous beherbergen eine spektakuläre Tier- und Pflanzenwelt. Aber der Ol´Man River ist mehr als das: er verkörpert wie kein anderer den Mythos der Vereinigten Staaten. Der aufwendig produzierte Film porträtiert den heutigen Fluss, die Geschichte seiner Erforschung und seine Naturgeschichte.


Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger

Michael has been the Director of Photography as well as the Producer and Director for many international award winning blue-chip natural history documentaries, as well as producing AV and multi-screen shows for a variety of venues, including Museums and National Parks Centres. Michael is a qualified open water diver, and since 2006 holds a pilot's license. In 2008 Michael was awarded Austrian Television's ROMY award in the category of best cinematography for ORF UNIVERSUM's documentary "Ol' Man River - The Mighty Mississippi". Michael has developed a unique style, both with his cinematography and his productions, a style which is now recognized as having the quality seal of a ScienceVision production.

Director: Steve Nicholls

Steve Nicholls is a multi-award winning producer and director of nearly 30 years experience. He holds a PhD in entomology from the University of Bristol and is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society. He worked as a research scientist for 6 years at the University of Bristol, dividing his time between the Zoology and Physics Departments before leaving to join the BBC’s Natural History Unit.
He spent 10 years producing films at the NHU, followed by 3 years at Partridge Films. Following that he set up Burning Gold Productions with Vicky Coules and together they ran this independent production company for nearly ten years.
Burning Gold was acquired by Barcud Derwen in 2008. In 2010 he joined Parthenon Entertainment which was subsequently acquired by BSkyB in 2012. He is now an Executive Producer with Sky Vision, a division of Sky Television.
He is also an award winning wildlife stills photographer.
In 2009 he wrote ‘Paradise Found’ for the University of Chicago Press, which collated a large series of documents from the 15th century onwards to produce a new view of the nature of North America at the time of European discovery.
He served a term of 3 years as vice-chair of the Avon Wildlife Trust, from 2009 to 2012, an organisation responsible for nature conservation across part of southwest England, and running over 30 nature reserves. He remains a trustee of the Trust.

90 Min.
Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger, Steve Nicholls
Cinematography: Michael Schlamberger, Rolando Menardi, Kevin Flay
Editing: Andrew Naylor
Music: Kurt Adametz
Narrator: Otto Clemens, Peter Matic (dt), Howard Nightingall, Christian Rodska (engl)
Editor: Walter Köhler (ORF Universum)
Website URL: www.sciencevision.at