Paseka - The Easter Elephant

On Easter morning, a baby elephant is mysteriously abandoned by her herd in the wilds of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Saved from certain death by a bizarre chain of events, she forces herself into a very unusual, captive elephant herd.This is “Paseka's” story. We follow her first year in this spectacular African wilderness, learning daily what it means to be an elephant. What is instinctive? What is she taught by the elephants? What does she need to learn from the humans?


Director: Caroline El-Marazki

Caroline El-Marazki worked in the UK as an executive producer for RDF before moving to Botswana. She specialised in live studio formats and factual entertainment.
Following a degree in Zoology and a brief stint working at Gerald Durrell's Wildlife Preservation Trust in Jersey, Caroline spent 13 years working for The Foundation, Darrall McQueen, Topical, TwoFour, and RDF. She was nominated for four Children's BAFTA's (four time loser!) and spent months filming in Australia and Brazil.

Director: Mike Holding

Mike Holding is an accomplished director and cinematographer of international television wildlife documentary films and docu-dramas and has won numerous awards over the years in recognition of his diverse talents, not least of which was an Emmy Award for cinematography shared by the "Planet Earth" camera team. Mike and his partner Tania Jenkins own AfriScreen Films, and live in Botswana. He is a keen naturalist and has travelled widely all over Africa. While Mike is most at home behind his camera, or flying his own plane for aerial shots in remote places, he also conceptualises, scripts, shoots, edits and directs post-production on all of AfriScreen's projects, many of which have won awards at wildlife festivals such as IWFF and WildScreen.

52 Min.
Director: Caroline El-Marazki, Mike Holding
Cinematography: Richard Uren
Music: Lalela Music Library
Narrator: Adrian Dandrigde
Editor: Mike Holding
Awards: Best Story 2012
Nominations: Best Story 2012