plan b: Clever in die Zukunft

Alternativen für die Energiewende

Our energy supply is dirty, expensive and puts us in fatal dependencies. Since the skyrocketing oil and gas prices, it is clear: energy production must look different in the future. Three pioneers show how we can create a climate-friendly and crisis-proof energy supply. Reconciling climate protection and security of supply is a solvable task - you just have to do it.


Director: Juliane Kussmann

Juliane Kussmann was born in Rostock in 1989, one month before the fall of the Wall. She grew up in Hamburg with history in her luggage and has not lost her interest and curiosity in people since then. In her films she tries to make the stories of her protagonists tangible and to tell them in a close way, without distorting their own voices. Always in view: To convey complex issues in an interesting way and to preserve their diversity.

After studying cultural and media sciences and completing a traineeship, she has been producing reports and documentaries for public broadcasting for several years, as well as scientific articles about top researchers for a renowned German foundation. Among other things, she has already published contributions for Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer, ZDFWISO or ZDFzoom on political, social or even socially critical topics.

Director: Torben Schmidt

Meeting people, telling stories, asking questions. Why is something like this and not different? Is there no other solution or just no pressure to implement it? In his work as an author and producer of documentaries, Torben Schmidt has been looking at the most diverse life worlds and topics for 15 years. The main focus is always on topics related to the environment, mobility, the future and the improvement of the current state.

After a traineeship and many years in public broadcasting, he co-founded ELBMOTION Filmproduktion in 2008.

Germany Netherlands
30 Min.
Director: Juliane Kussmann, Torben Schmidt
Script: Juliane Kussmann, Torben Schmidt
Cinematography: Sebastian Wagner, Florian Lengert, Riccardo Giese,
Editing: Oliver Henze
Narrator: Jessica Walther-Gabory
Editor: Christian Dezer
Producer: Torben Schmidt (Elbmotion Filmproduktion)
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