planet e: Ostsee in Not

Ist das Binnenmeer noch zu retten?

The Baltic Sea is threatened. The entire ecosystem of the inland sea is out of balance. In their search for explanations, scientists also come across so-called death zones. Scientists suspect that these death zones are one cause of the decline in herring and cod. In these zones, there is so little oxygen that life is no longer possible. The Baltic Sea is home to the world's largest death zone. However, the reasons for this lie mainly outside the small sea.


Director: Werner Bertolan

Born in 1960 in Glonn, Upper Bavaria.
Technical high school diploma, training at Munich Re, military service, business administration/marketing studies, various internships abroad.

After his studies, Werner Bertolan found his way into the "film and television business" by working for a publishing house. Until 2006, he managed the editorial department of a Munich production company (Bruckmann TV GmbH) on a freelance basis.

At the same time, he has been self-employed since 1991, working as a writer, director and producer for various TV stations and companies.
Since 1997 he has produced numerous television features. The focus of his current film work is TV documentaries and reports from the areas of nature/environment/sport.

29 Min.
Director: Werner Bertolan
Script: Werner Bertolan
Cinematography: Sascha Kellersohn; Christian Efkemann; Oliver Kratz
Editing: Tim Greiner; Sergios Roth
Narrator: Oliver Preusche
Editor: Andreas Ewels (ZDF)
Producer: Gilbert Schwab; Eva Maria Piroh (DOCUVISTA) ; Marion Weppler; Sigrid Beck (ZDF)
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2023
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