planet e.: Schwimmende Städte

Klimawandel erfordert neue Ideen

Sea levels are rising. By more than two meters by the year 2100. This rise requires measures, especially for cities on the coast. Hamburg and Bremen are among the cities that would be severely affected by rising sea levels, but so would island groups like the Maldives. Higher dikes are no longer of any use. That's why architects are designing new settlements that float on the water. Is that the solution? How climate-friendly and resource-saving are floating cities?


Director: Kristin Siebert

Born 1980 in Nienburg. Studied media sciences, media technology and psychology in Braunschweig and Barcelona, graduating in 2006: Magister Artium with distinction.
From 2006 to 2013, worked as a researcher, editor and writer for the film and television production company Cinecentrum. There she supervised films that required sophisticated international research, including the technical-thematic supervision of the three-part series "Die Bombe" (ZDF, 2009). As a writer and director, in 2013 she wrote and directed the 2x45-minute primetime documentary "Nicht alles war schlecht" (ZDF).
Since 2014 Kristin Siebert has been working as a freelance writer and director, among others for: Spiegel Geschichte with the realization of the series "Deutschland, deine Geschichte" (250×11 min. SKY), for WDR with contributions for Quarks und Co., SWR with the historical documentary "70 Jahre Grundgesetz" (45 min. SWR) and for ZDF with for example the prime-time two-parter "Geh doch nach drüben" and the Planet E - documentaries "Gift im Container", "Tierversuche auf dem Prüfstand" and "3D - Ich druck' mir die Welt."

Germany Netherlands Maldives
29 Min.
Director: Kristin Siebert
Script: Kristin Siebert
Cinematography: Sebastian Wagner; Boris Mahlau; Jonny Müller-Goldenstedt
Editing: Fabian Teichmann
Narrator: Gergana Muskala
Editor: Manfred Kessler
Producer: Marion Weppler, Sigrid Beck (ZDF)
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