Planet Soil

The little things that run the world

Planet Soil makes the unseen seen. The film inspires and amazes and gives insight into the world beneath our feet. Besides the world above ground populated by plants, insects and birds, but mostly by humans, there is a second world: an underground community of roots, larvae, worms, fungi, bacteria, amoebas and arthropods. The existence of this world will not surprise anyone, but the fact that all the life in that microcosm is busily communicating with each other is nothing short of astonishing

Director: Mark Verkerk

83 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Mark Verkerk
Script: Ignas van Schaick
Cinematography: Rene Heijnen, Wim van Egmond, Maarten Slooves, Sam Reitsma
Editing: Helen Delachaux
Music: Rene Meister, Eric Blom
Narrator: Marc van Will
Producer: Ignas van Schaick (EMS FILMS)
Awards: Best Science Film 2023
Nominations: Best Science Film 2023
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