Plastik in jeder Welle

Surfen in der Müllhalde Meer

Kite surfer Mario Rodwald has ridden thousands of waves between South Africa and Iceland encountering more and more plastic waste. Two NDR reporters accompany him on a trip starting at the end of the world: the Indonesian island of Ambon.


Director: Sebastian Bellwinkel

TV author/director and producer Sebastian Bellwinkel, born 1973, lives and works in Hamburg. His focus lies on socio-critical and investigative reports and documentations.
While studying political sciences and philosophy he worked as a freelancer for WDR radio and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Having completed an internship with NDR in 2001 he initially worked as author and live reporter (home affairs/judiciary, cultural affairs) for the NDR daily news magazine ‘Hamburg Journal’. Since 2006 he has authored and directed numerous documentations and reports for ARD and NDR.
Between May 2013 and December 2015 he was editor for NDR cultural affairs and documentations.
His NDR production “45 min – Sex Object Child” was nominated for the prestigious 2010 Grimme Award

30 Min.
Director: Sebastian Bellwinkel
Script: Sebastian Bellwinkel, Christopher Braun
Cinematography: Andreas Fritzsche
Editing: Andreas von Huene
Narrator: Maximilian Werner
Editor: Gita Datta (NDR)
Producer: Michael Schinschke (NDR)