Pyrenean Island

In 1990, the discovery of a mysterious frog motivated a Spanish ecologist to begin research on this little amphibian.Starting in the footsteps of the rare Pyrenean frog, the film invites us into the chaotic world of high mountain torrents.Here, all species are strange and rare. They have a complex evolutionary history and are now threatened with extinction.Beyond the magic of a naturalist discovery, the Pyrenean frog has much to say about ourselves and the uncertain future that awaits us.


Director: Marie Daniel

Director: Fabien Mazzocco

32 Min.
SUB: English SUB: Spanish
Director: Marie Daniel, Fabien Mazzocco
Script: Marie Daniel / Fabien Mazzocco
Cinematography: Marie Daniel / Fabien Mazzocco
Editing: Marie Daniel / Fabien Mazzocco
Music: Dominique Regef / José le Piez
Narrator: Marie Daniel
Editor: Christophe Coic
Producer: C NATURE / Mauvaises Graines
Nominations: Best Score 2016,
Best Independent Production 2016