Quo Vadis Angeln?

Der Landstrich Angeln bekennt Farbe.

One of the questions explored by this film is why the red Angeln cow is threatened by extinction and what the future holds for this breed. The film sheds light on what makes the farmers in Angeln tick, describes their relationship to their Angeln cattle and gives an impression of what it means to be a farmer today. Threatened with extinction, the demand for red cows is currently on the rise.

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Director: Steffen König

Born in Karlsruhe. Lives in Hanover since 1999. Studied civil engineering in Karlsruhe. Five years of professional experience in structural engineering. 1999 Founded Shortcut film production in Hanover. 2014 foundation of Shortcut & Newman Filmproduktion GmbH. 2014 first feature film "Love Supreme - Six Strings and a Board". To date, filmmaker of over 250 film projects in various genres.

Produced numerous image and industrial films for VW, Microsoft, Continental, Viscom AG, Wilkhahn, Stage Holding, among others, art documentaries for Gerhard Merz, Christian Herdeg, Andreas von Weizsäcker, artist portraits, accompanying media for book publications for Helbling and Westermann Verlag. Member of the camera crew for the video clip production in the course of the world tour premiere of the Scorpions 2010 in Prague. 2014 first feature film "Love Supreme - Six strings and a board". First screening at the EFM of the Berlinale 2014, world premiere at the 48th International Hofer Filmtage.

67 Min.
Director: Steffen König
Script: Steffen König
Cinematography: Steffen König
Editing: Steffen König
Music: Smartsound Royalty Free Music License
Narrator: Steffen Böye
Editor: Steffen König
Producer: Quo Vadis Angeln e.V. & Shortcut Film Hannover
Website URL: https://www.quo-vadis-angeln.de/