River without Borders – Meadowland Wilderness

With its meadow woodlands, and swampy pastures, the largest number of species in mid-Europe are to be found around the March. Here the last sea eagles in Austria are breeding, and the only imperial eagle pair. Wild cats and pole cats are also to be found. In the river there are catfish, up to two metres long and on the flooded fields the spawn of wild carp and pike. Like a green band the March meadows join the Alps with the Carpathians. Moose, bears, red deer, wild boar and lynx trail along its corridors.


Director: Franz Hafner

52 Min.
Director: Franz Hafner
Camera: Dietrich Heller, Klaus Achter, Harald Mittermülle
Editing: Roland Buzzi
Music: Roman Kariolou
Speaker: Mercedes Echerer
Editor: ORF Universum