Sardinien - Arche aus Stein

From the abundance of possible names to choose the one that does justice to this island - a physical impossibility: a small continent of great diversity, Alps in the Mediterranean, island of wild coasts, wild boars, shepherds, the deepest caves, canyons and plateaus and so on. The film shows the hidden wild sides of the largest island of Italy beyond the dream vacation.

Director: Rolando Menardi

Rolando Menardi, born April 29, 1960 and resident in Cortina d'Ampezzo, began his career as a photographer on mountain expeditions in the Himalayas, Karakoram, China, South America and Alaska.
In the first ten years of his career he participated as photographer and cameraman in 15 international expeditions, producing photographic reports and documentaries for the most important Italian magazines (Airone, Oasis, Atlante, Ligabue) and television channels (MEDIASET - RAI).

After this "mountaineering" phase, Rolando Menardi was appointed Director of the Department of Nature Photography of the European Institute of Design in Milan.
In collaboration with Mr. Sandro Lovari, professor at the University of Siena, and with CNR (National Center for Research), he produced scientific programs and documentaries published in Oasis Magazine and in the program "Quark" by Piero Angela on TV RAI.

Rolando Menardi continued to produce scientific documentaries on wildlife, history and geography, working mainly for RAI and MEDIASET Networks. These were shot in the following countries:
India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Russia, Mongolia, Tibet, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Alaska, Baffin Island, Seychelles (Aldabra Atoll), Hawaii, Australia , Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Mauritania, Chad, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Philippines and Brazil.

Most of the documentaries in which he has participated as cinematographer or photographer have won awards at numerous film festivals: TAORMINA - BOLOGNA - SONDRIO - TRENTO - WILD SCREEN BRISTOL - JACKSON HOLE - MISSOULA - CANNES - NEWYORK - BANFF - LOS ANGELES - and others.

Currently Rolando Menardi works for established film companies and broadcasters such as: DOCLAB - Italy, SCIENCE VISION - Austria, PRETV - Austria, DREID - Austria, LIGHT and SHADOW - Germany, TERRA MATER (Austria), DISCOVERY CHANNEL, BBC, ORF , NDR, WDR, CANAL PLUS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, ARTE.

50 Min.
Director: Rolando Menardi
Script: Rolando Menardi
Cinematography: Rolando Menardi
Editing: Marleen Paeschke
Music: Erwin Kiennast
Narrator: Silvia Meisterle
Editor: Jörg Krause, Sabine Joertz (ARTE), Christine Peters (BR), Birgit Skulski (ORF)
Producer: Nikolaus Wisiak (pretv)