Saved by the Seals?

On a windswept beach in the southern Indian Ocean, an elephant seal is about to take part in a groundbreaking experiment. But it is not the subject of the study. For polar researcher Christophe Guinet, the seal is his “field assistant”.

With a high-tech electronic beacon on its head, the seal will transmit invaluable data about conditions under the Antarctic sea ice where it feeds. The ice, which forms every winter, is critical to life in our oceans and mounting evidence indicates that these waters are warming more quickly than expected.

Follow this fascinating scientific adventure as man and animal work together to understand – and save – our planet. And learn more about the behavior of these fascinating mammals.


Director: Jérôme Bouvier

[translate:] Kameramann und Regisseur Jérôme Bouvier hat bisher an einigen Dokumentationen über Natur und Tiere gearbeitet. Er arbeitet mit Luc Jacquet, dem Regisseur der „Reise der Pinguine“ und „Der Fuchs und das Mädchen“ zusammen.

52 Min.
Director: Jérôme Bouvier
Script: Jérôme Bouvier
Cinematography: Jérôme Bouvier, Jérôme Maison, Francois de Riberolles
Music: Bernard Montrichard
Narrator: Randy Molden
Editor: Annie Coppens
Nominations: Best Science Film 2009