Shark Central

Shark Central was produced without any funding. It is about the surge in Great White Shark attacks in False Bay, South Africa. Looking at the impact these attacks have had on the community, and more importantly the consequences to this already threatened species. Shark Central highlights what can be achieved when there is a desire to protect and conserve. A small victory for the marine ecosystem has been achieved, and can be used as an example to save more species and habitats all over the world

Director: Christian Warren Ganser

I was born in South Africa in 1966. I moved to London in 1992 and became a dental technician.
I studied photography part time as imagery always interested me, eventually I gave up working as a dental technician and got into photography and video production with a friend of mine: Carlos Feyder. We worked construction to pay the bills and finance my film and photography ambitions. It was while working construction in 2006, that I went to South Africa to film Shark Central; all expenses were paid for by myself. The World Orchestra commissioned as a photographer and video producer after when the artistic director saw my Shark Central Promo.

South Africa Australia
2006, completed in 2017
59 Min.
Director: Christian Warren Ganser
Script: Christian Warren Ganser
Cinematography: Christian Warren Ganser
Editing: Christian Warren Ganser, Carlos Feyder
Music: Josep Vicent
Narrator: Steven Fleay
Producer: Christian Warren Ganser
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