Storms Welt schmilzt

Die Arktis und das Klima

12-year-old Storm lives with his family on a husky farm in Spitsbergen, a group of islands in the Arctic.Here there are more polar bears than people and there is snow almost the whole year.In the Arctic, climate change is already much more noticeable than here.The temperatures are getting warmer and warmer and there is much less ice and snow.Storm is worried about his snow-covered island. He wants to make a difference and draw attention to climate change.


Director: Lynn Klockow

23 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Lynn Klockow
Script: Lynn Klockow
Cinematography: Sebastian Frey
Editing: Anke Schönebeck
Narrator: Max Wiesing
Editor: Tanja Nadig
Producer: Hessischer Rundfunk
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