Surviving in the Kingdom of the Polar Bears

The Yacht „Arctica“ explores the islands north of Spitsbergen, and finds a surprisingly intact kingdom of the polar bears and then tries to follow the tracks of an expedition from 1912.

Director: Kai Schubert

Kai Schubert, born on May 4, 1961 in Düsseldorf. Medicine studies 1983 to 1990 in Munich. 1993/1994 he experienced life in a war zone, while on a mis-sion for the organisation Cap Anamur/German Emergency Doctors in Sa-rajevo. This marked the beginning of his career in journalism: he wrote ar-ticles for various newspapers, reported for Deutschlandfunk radio, for ARD and ZDF television, and discovered his fascination for "making TV". After that: another humanitarian operation in Rwanda, two years as anaesthesio-logist and emergency doctor in Bavaria. At the same time, he wrote articles for books and newspapers. After training at a journalist school in Munich in 1998, he gained work experience at Bavarian television BR. Until today, he is a freelance author there, mainly in the editorial departments Medicine & Health and Wildlife & Nature. 2001/2002 during a relief mission in Afghani-stan, he drew up articles for the newspaper WELT and made two 30 minute TV-reports for BR. Since then, director and editor at BR, with further ambi-tions in the field of fiction (book/screenplay). His fascination with the Arc-tic resulted in six features about Spitsbergen and Greenland since 2006, futu-re projects are planned. He has now been living in Upper Bavaria near Schongau for 16 years.

44 Min.
Director: Kai Schubert
Script: Kai Schubert
Cinematography: Alexander Kraeft, Daniel Delbeck
Editing: Birgit Sahin
Music: Lars Kurz, Andreas Suttner
Narrator: Udo Wachtveitl (Zitate: Beate Mullen, Kai Schubert)
Editor: Udo A. Zimmermann