Terra X: Eisige Welten II - Gipfel der Welt

From Patagonia and the Atacama Desert to the foothills of the Himalayas, the ice-bound worlds of the great mountains are home to a surprisingly diverse fauna. Inhabitants of these high-altitude habitats are faced with extraordinary challenges. "Terra X" encounters cougars, flamingos, and giant pandas that survive - against all odds - in these inhospitable regions. The film follows the live birth of a chameleon - for the first time for television.


Director: Alex Lanchester

United Kingdom Germany
43 Min.
Director: Alex Lanchester
Script: Alex Lanchester
Cinematography: Dawson Dunning, John Brown, Erik Lapied, Anne Lapied, Tom Ross, Simon De Glanville, Scott Mouat, Pei Jingde, Raphael Boudreault-Simard, Declan Burley, Matt Hobbs
Editing: Montage (BBC) Dave Pearce, Pete Brownlee, Danny McGuire, Wesley Hibberd/ Montage (ZDF) Toni Kubiczeck
Music: Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas & James Everingham For Bleeding Fingers Music, Featuring Aurora
Narrator: Götz Bielefeldt
Editor: Katharina Kolvenbach (ZDF), Redaktion BBC Jack Bootle
Producer: Produktion (BBC Studios) John Bryans, Maria Norman, Kate Horvath, Caroline Cox/ Produktion ZDF Claudia Comprix, Cora Szielasko-Schulz
Website URL: www.terra-X.zdf.de